This 72 -Year-Old Grandmother Just Graduated From TSU 55 Years After She Started

Darlene Mullins always taught her children to finish what they started, which is why the 72-year-old grandmother of 4 just graduated from Tennessee State University after cutting her college career short 55 years ago.

Darlene attended TSU in 1962 and was a rising track star gearing up to participate in the 1964 Olympics. “Wilma Rudolph was my idol and I was well on my way,” she said in an interview with TSU Newsroom.

However, while in school she met and fell in love with John Mullins. Darlene first noticed John “in the stands” during practices and training. The two met and their relationship blossomed. So much that her track coach gave Darlene an ultimatum: either his track team or John Mullins.

Darlene chose John.   `