This One Thing: How To Finally Slay Your Food Addiction

salty junk food snacksWhat’s your “addiction?”

When it comes to food, we all have an addiction. It’s the one thing that you just cannot say no to. It’s always calling your name and wins you over in times of weakness, knocking you right off the fitness bandwagon right into the guilt trap.

In some cases, this guilty pleasure stops you from even starting.

You may or may not be aware, but that one thing you just “can’t” do is holding you back from all that you can do that’s completely unrelated. . . and it’s a total lie. Food addictions are mental and they can always be beat.

There is one piece of advice that works every time with any fitness goal you have: start small, and start now.

There’s a common misconception that fitness is “go hard or go home,” “no days off,” or “committed all the way” and that, unfortunately, makes it seem exclusive. The truth is, you can be just as dedicated, disciplined, and strong but you must start where you are. Imagine having the discipline to get in shape whenever you want and having complete control over how you want to look and feel on a day to day basis. You can be one step closer to that now. Use these steps to get you started on finally getting rid of your “addiction.”

Keep your guilty pleasure.

Go ahead, do it. If you feel like you can’t slay the dragon now, don’t even try. Don’t even burden yourself mentally with this monumental task. Just build your armor, little by little. Train your fighting skills, day by day until one day you have the courage, mindset and skills to defeat your enemy.

There are two ways to view your goals: One is “I want to lose weight but I love pizza. How can all these other people not eat pizza ever? I really don’t want to give up pizza this is going to suck.”

The other is “I’m going to lose weight.”

The first option is painful and daunting, the second opens the door for solutions. Which one do you think will give you the outcome you want?

Forget about your weaknesses for now and focus on what you can do.