Actress Tina Lifford’s Key To Drama-Free Living

Tina Lifford2Tina Lifford’s onscreen poise has shined in over 100 film and television roles, including the Showtime biopic Mandela and de Klerk as Winnie Mandela,  Mama Haze in the Temptations Story and currently stars as Renee Trussell on NBC’s hit series, Parenthood. Her longevity and success as an actress is impressive by any standard, but for nearly the last two decades, Lifford has been training for the role of a lifetime: living her best life and helping others to do the same. Lifford’s parallel career as a trailblazing life coach, motivational speaker, playwright and author is touching more lives than ever now with the launch of a new mission that lives her heart, The Inner Fitness Project.

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The same way physical fitness creates a great body, the inner fitness approach creates a great life by helping people to grow beyond the hurts, dramas, upsets and disappointments we all experience as part of the human experience.

“What I’m doing with The Inner Fitness Project is identifying tools and strategies that people can use to support them in that aim, in the aim of creating their fulfilling life no matter what circumstances confront them,” says Lifford.