Tips for Celebrating the Small Victories Along the Way

Are you a person who consciously sets goals for yourself? Like – I want to get to my favorite exercise class Saturdays and Wednesdays. Or, I want to make an effort to speak with my parents every week. Or, I want to stop multitasking when I’m playing with my children.

If you are someone who works hard to set goals and then follow through on them, then you have probably thought a lot about how to break down and execute those goals.

For example, maybe you work on coordinating your schedule and signing up for those exercise classes in advance before they book up; maybe you make a standing date with your parents that they’ll phone you Sunday mornings; maybe you start the habit of turning your phone on silent in the hour before your children’s bedtime.

An often-overlooked piece in the goal-setting puzzle is what you do after you take a step consistent with your goal. The first time you show up to your exercise class that week, what then?

If you are in the habit of celebrating those victorious moments with