Tips for Celebrating the Small Victories Along the Way

the people you hold dear to your heart, then I have very good news for you. Doing so can be a powerful strategy to cultivate well-being and help you continue on your path of meeting your goals.

Here are the key ingredients for celebrating your small victories along the way:
1.You are able to recognize that you engaged in goal-consistent behavior. Keep in mind the step can be a small one, it just needed to take you one step closer toward your goals.

2.You tell someone about it! The trick is picking someone who is likely to get why this event was meaningful for you and is able to respond with enthusiasm and interest.

3.They show you with their words as well as their nonverbal behavior that this is great! They ask you to give them details about what happened, and they encourage you to reflect on how this goal takes you closer to other goals you might have or the life you want to lead.

When you have these conversations, you may notice that you are in a good mood – talking about