From Pony-Fail To Healthy Ponytail

woman serious ponytail

You see a healthy long, gorgeous ponytail and you drool with envy. Well, stop your drooling and start taking care of your hair. You, too, can have a healthy ponytail as well. Here are four simple tips to remember as you are on your healthy hair journey.

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1. Protect

Protective styling is something that I am sure you are well aware of, but are you doing it? The issue that most women have is that they are losing hair faster than they are retaining it. Protective styling helps you out with this. If the weak portion of your hair (primarily your ends) are tucked away safely then they are less likely to become damaged. When you can, try tying your hair up in a bun, or any style where your ends are tucked away safely.

2. Moisturize 

Moisture is your hair’s best friend. Without it, your hair will become brittle and very susceptible to breaking. Sometimes we fear that moisturizing our hair too much will weigh it down and leave it lifeless, but here is where you are wrong: It is a combination of choosing the right moisturizer and the application of it that will prevent the “weigh down from happening. Use a lightweight, yet potent, oil like Argan or olive. Place a few drops in your palm and rub only on the ends of the hair.

People often moisturize their entire head, but that is only necessary if you have extremely dry hair. Typically, your scalp will naturally moisturize itself along with the length of the hair. The ends are usually where the strands are left without.

3. Protein

This is a step that many forget about. It is equally as important as moisturizing. Your hair should be receiving a balance of both moisturizer and protein. See, the moisture is what makes hair soft and bouncy, but the protein is what makes it strong. Too much of either can be compromising to the health of your hair.

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4. Clarify

Clarification of the hair is something that many are straying away from nowadays. With all of the sulphate-free shampoo options, most people are skipping this step on a shampoo day. This is great, but you must clarify every so often, otherwise your hair is not every getting rid of all of the build up that comes from the many products you may use daily.


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