Toddler Denied Organ Transplant From Dad Due To Parole Violation

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AJ Burgess is a cute little 2-year-old in Atlanta. But unfortunately he may die waiting on a kidney transplant, even though his father–who is ready and willing–is a perfect match.

Is the dad’s health not good enough to donate the kidney? No, the dad is good healthy condition.
Is the dad too far away or the location an issue? No, the dad is in the area.

So, what is stopping AJ’s dad from doing the one thing a dad wants to do for his son: help him?

According to reports, the hospital will not accept the kidney donation because Burgess’ father, Anthony Dickerson, violated parole.

AJ Burgess was born prematurely without a functioning kidney. He spent the first 10 months of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit at Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta. Dickerson was tested and found to be a perfect match to give his son a kidney. In fact, Dickerson is said to be the only 100 percent match for his son. Unfortunately, Dickerson was in prison for violating his probation on weapons charges.

Dickerson was soon released and set to donate his kidney to his son on Oct. 3. However, he was soon jailed again for violating parole for possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of or attempt to commit a crime. He was released again, but by then everything changed.

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AJ’s mother, Carmella Burgess, received a letter notifying her that the surgery would be delayed until Dickerson could provide evidence of compliance to the terms of his probation for the next three months. Burgess said “The lady said we need your parole information and your probation info. He said, ‘why?’ We need you to be on good behavior for three to four months before you can give your son the kidney. And January 2018 we will think about re-evaluating you basically.”

“That’s all I ever wanted was a son. And I finally got him, and he’s in this situation,” he said. If Dickerson remains on the right track, he’ll be able to donate his kidney to AJ in January. But Carmella believes it may be too late. She told local CBS affiliate that AJ’s body is starting to fail and he requires bladder surgery.

Emory Healthcare issued a statement regarding the situation: “Emory Healthcare is committed to…