Tony Rock: On Solid Ground Because Of His Dad

tony rock instagramFunnyman Tony Rock has been in comedy specials, sitcoms, hosted his own show and made appearances in countless movies, not to mention he is the younger brother of comedian Chris Rock. You would think that in the world of stand-up comedy, Tony would look up to his brother for guidance, which he did a little bit, but it was another man who truly inspired Tony to go towards his dreams, Tony & Chris’ dad, Julius Rock.
During his teenage years, Tony’s dad died and it completely left him feeling like he didn’t know what to do. But it was during his time of reflection that Tony started to remember some of the things his dad taught him and they carried over to adulthood. Now, Tony runs a foundation in honor of the man who laid the foundation for him.


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MyRock Foundation is a charity founded by Tony Rock to help build awareness and prevention of diabetes among African Americans. MyRock sponsors annual events in New York and California that include fundraising, awareness and prevention programs and family building activities.

Chris-and-Tony-Rock instagram“The foundation was started as a tribute to my Father,” explains Rock. “One of the most difficult times in my life was when I lost my father, Julius Rock, due to health complications caused by diabetes. Growing up, my Pops was the strongest guy I ever saw before in my life. He instilled a hard work ethic for me and my brothers and always told us about responsibility to others. MyRock is an example of my responsibility to educate people about diabetes.”

“My father was pretty much the President of the United States as far as I was concerned. He was that influential in my life that not having a Black President didn’t make me think that the unattainable wasn’t attainable because my pops taught us that we could do anything. My pops probably told us a million times that we could be the first black President. I didn’t have the grades for it so I didn’t believe him.”

“I really care for my friends and family. My pops told me when I was growing up that your friends are your brothers and sisters if you’ve got to pick them. So I don’t really have any “yes men” around me. I don’t have any people…