Top 5 Jobs Robots Will Takeover

Let’s face it, the world is constantly changing and technology is at the center of it all. For those who are trying to go back to the “good ol’ days” will be sadly mistaken. Just look at how Uber has changed the taxi industry, how Amazon has changed the retail industry and how Google has changed everything.

Technological advances usually come with one common thing: loss of human jobs to save money and increase profits. With that said, here are the top five jobs that technology is poised to take over in the next 20 years (or less) according to technology analyst and guru, Shelly Palmer.

1 – Middle Management

If your main job function is taking a number from one box in Excel and putting it in another box in Excel and writing a narrative about how the number got from place to place, robots are knocking at your door. Any job where your “special and unique” knowledge of the industry is applied to divine a causal relationship between numbers in a matrix is going to be replaced first. Be ready.

2 – Commodity Salespeople (Ad Sales, Supplies, etc.)

Unless you sell dreams or magic or negotiate using special perks, bribes or other valuable add-ons that have nothing to do with specifications, price and availability, start thinking about your next gig. Machines can take so much cost out of any sales process (request for proposal, quotation, order and fulfillment system), it is the fiduciary responsibility of your CEO and the board to hire robots.

3 – Report Writers, Journalists, Authors & Announcers

Writing is tough. But not report writing. Machines can be taught to read data, pattern match images or video, or analyze almost any kind of research materials and create a very readable (or announceable) writing. Text-to-speech systems are…