Top 5 Travel Destinations For The Foodie In Your Life

If there is one motto that I live by, it is “eat well and travel often.”  It’s impossible to have a significant travel experience without exploring the food connected to your perspective destination. Food has the ability to awaken the senses and is often the connecting force that brings us all together no matter where we’re from. I would argue that you can go just about anywhere in the world and find a satisfying dish. But there are some places where the food is just downright unforgettable.

Check out my top 5 suggestions for some of the best foodie destinations.

1. New Orleans 

If at any point you see a list of great foodie destinations that doesn’t include “N’awlins”, trust me, it’s not legit. The “Big Easy” prides itself on serving up some of the most decadent dishes your taste buds can handle from muffuletta sandwiches and Oysters Rockefeller to po’boys and beignets.

The dishes are derived from the city’s various cultural influences that include French, Creole, African, and Caribbean. It’s also a must to wet your whistle with a famous Hurricane or Sazerac cocktail. The food is a