“Top Blacks In Healthcare” 2014: Myrtle Potter

For over 30 years, Myrtle Potter has dedicated her talents and expertise to serving the healthcare needs of millions of consumers through her leadership within some of the healthcare industry’s most notable companies. The former vice president at Merck; president at Bristol-Myers Squibb; and president and CEO of Genetech is also a best-selling author. Today, she continues to drive the conversation of quality healthcare as founder and CEO of Myrtle Potter and Company, LLC, a company born out of her experience with a life-threatening illness.

While recovering from a serious horseback riding accident, Potter was given a medication to stop the development of scar tissue in her shoulder. “Without me knowing it, I would later learn that I was deathly allergic to that medication. I ended up with a failing liver, failing lungs and total kidney failure. I was hospitalized for a quite a bit of time and literally almost died at the age of forty-six,” she says.

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“From my own experience, even as much as I knew about healthcare, I really struggled at times to control the direction of my care and to make sure that my situation, which was very, very dire, was dealt with in a way that would save my life.”