HIV+? The Top 10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Doctor

african american man doctor
If you’ve found yourself in your doctor’s office, being told that you’ve tested positive for HIV, it was most likely a very overwhelming experience. All sorts of things were swirling in your mind, much of which you probably never talked to the doctor about.

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But after you’ve had time to process your HIV diagnosis, there is certain information that you need to know to help you manage the disease, and help you prevent spreading it.

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The top HIV/AIDS questions for people who test positive for HIV are:

1. How can I keep from passing my HIV infection to others?
2. Who can help me deal with my feelings?
3. How much experience do you have treating people with HIV infection?
4. What do all these medical tests mean? How often should I be tested?
5. Should I start taking anti-HIV drugs? Why?
6. What side effects can I expect from anti-HIV treatment?
7. How can you help me deal with these side effects?
8. What symptoms should I be looking out for?
9. What can I do to improve my immune system? Will better nutrition help?
10. Is there any other information that, based on my diagnosis and my unique medical history, I need to know?