15 Minute Total Body Toning Yoga Sequence

yoga side plank

How did you get those arms? Do you lift weights everyday? You must do a million squats to get that booty!  Yogis get a lot of questions and assumptions made about how they’ve been able to achieve their strong bodies. People  are always surprised by the simple answer, “Nope, I just do yoga.” Yoga requires nothing but you. No weights,  no machines, just the ability to lift and hold your own body weight.

While some yoga classes are gentle and relaxing, yoga can provide a heart-pounding, cardio-burning and muscle-toning workout. What I love the most about yoga is the variations with every pose. Just when you’ve mastered a pose, you’ll learn a new transition that will take your mind and body to the next level. This kind of training creates a long, lean body that shows flexibility and strength without bulking you up. The bonus is, it doesn’t matter how young or old, big or small you are, yoga is great for anyone.