Q&A: How Can I Strengthen My Bladder?

Q: What can I do to strengthen my urinary tract? – M. G.

A: I believe the condition you are asking about is overactive bladder. I have a few tips that may help you to manage your overactive bladder symptoms and strengthen a weak bladder:

1. Try to space out your fluids throughout the day and have a glass of water between meals. Sometimes when people reduce their water intake it makes them go more often to rid the body of excess waste.

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2. Try to cut out or limit caffeine and alcohol consumption. They are both stimulants and diuretics, so you may experience increased urination along with powerful urges to go.

3. Avoid artificial sweeteners. They can aggravate both urinary urges and frequency. Artificial sweeteners are a common method of decreasing your sugar and calorie intake. Despite these benefits, sweeteners like acesulfame K, aspartame, and sodium saccharine can be bad for your bladder