Transformation Tuesday: Consistency Is Key

Hello my name is Tonyael and I was a chronic yo yo dieter. I started working out back in 2013 after I had my daughter in 2012. Each year I would gain weight and lose weight.

“After I became pregnant I was diagnosed with depression. My therapist suggested working out as a form of therapy because I was against medication. I didn’t workout until after I had my daughter.

My workouts and dieting was not consistent and I was unstable mentally. In 2013 I worked out with my first trainer and was very inconsistent. I continued my cycle of yo yo dieting from 2013-2017.

In January 2018 I decided to really push myself and focus on being consistent for the whole year. Sometimes you have to re-evaluate things to determine what is the issue. My issue wasn’t that I couldn’t do it because as you can see I did it multiple time but my issue was consistency.

Hopefully, this inspires someone who wants to give up and think they can’t do it. It’s ok to start over but remember consistency is key.”

On her instagram, Tonyael shares some of her wins:

(Photo credit: @Tonyaelm instagram)

“Cardio vs weights. The pic on the left is when I first stared working out and all I did was cardio. The pic on the right is from earlier this year when I started to incorporate weights into my routine. Lately I’ve been…