Trick Or Treat Safety Tips

African American girl cat Halloween costumeTrick or treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat! One of fall’s biggest celebrations, Halloween, is here! While dressing up in your best ghoul gear while loading up on yummy treats may sound like good old fashioned fun, it’s also a time to keep an extra close eye on your little ones.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, between 2009 and 2013, 43 percent of all motor vehicle deaths that occurred on Halloween night resulted from a drunken driving-related crash. In addition, 26 percent of pedestrian fatalities involved a drunk driver in 2013.

Of course, drivers are not always at fault. Sometimes, kids might be wearing masks that make it difficult for them to see when crossing the street. Others could be wearing rather large getups, which they could trip on.

So, in an effort to make the festivities fun and safe for everyone, try the following tips on for size.

  • Costume accessories like swords and knives should be short, soft and flexible.
  • Never allow children to trick-or-treat alone. Walk in groups and with a trusted adult.
  • Use reflective buckets or bags to help drivers see you.
  • Examine all treats for tampering before consuming them.
  • Use a flashlight to help you see as well as help others see you.
  • WALK… don’t run from house to house.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street and use crosswalks wherever possible.
  • Only walk on sidewalks. In the event there’s no sidewalk, use the far edge of the road facing traffic.
  • Avoid wearing oversized masks, costumes and shoes to prevent blocked vision, tripping and falling.
  • Shy away from eating homemade treats, made by strangers.
  • Enter homes only if with a trusted adult.
  • Only visit well-lit homes.
  • Never accept rides from strangers.
  • Stay clear of lit candles or jack o’ lanterns.
  • When possible, wear flame-resistant costumes.