7 Ways To Turn Him On With Your Mouth

african american woman pink lipstickThe mouth is used in a variety of ways from speaking to eating, but  when it comes to a woman’s lips, there is nothing more sexy than a nice, round, full pair that are inviting and soft to the touch. Lips are a  sensory organ that can absorb information through touch, and send that  information to the brain to strike up sexual arousal during intimacy.  Beyond using them during oral sex, the lips can be used in various ways to  make the blood of any man boil…in a good way!

Here are five great tips on how to turn on just about  any man using your mouth and those gorgeous lips!

1. Speak Life Into Him. A man loves when you encourage him, tell him how awesome of a job he does. And make a big deal out of him. If he truly is doing a good job, then don’t acknowledge him just for the sake of doing it. Be sure to look him in his eyes, give him a kiss and a hug. Let him know that you are “all in” in knowing that he is appreciated. If you pray together out loud, make his efforts and accomplishments known to God too. Let him hear you praying for his success and not his downfall that many bitter women or past ex’s may have done.

2. Use your lips to explore his body: If you want to get a rise out of him, straddle your partner while he is laying down or sitting up and begin to use your lips to examine his  body. Brush your lips against his without fully kissing him. Brush his ear with the fullness of your lips. Move down to his neck and lay soft  kisses there as you work down towards his chest and pelvis. Focus on the erogenous zones that are known to strike up sexual arousal but don’t  leave any area untouched.