Twin Doctors: Giving You A Double Dose Of Fun Medicine

Twin brothers and medical doctors Jamil Abdur-Rahman (a.k.a Dr. J) and Idries Abdur-Rahman (a.k.a. Dr. I) are both board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologists and are on a mission to make health information more relateable to everybody. Their way of breaking down health information is fast-paced, but in a fun way that makes it easy for folks to digest, understand and remember the information.

Growing up in the diverse Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, the African-American, Muslim brothers attracted friends of all colors and religions. After high school, they completed their undergraduate work — together — at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Then it was on to Rush Medical School — together. After their medical residencies, where they worked at hospitals less than 2 miles apart, they opened a women’s health care practice — together — in Ottawa, Ill.

Dr. J is the Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Waukegan’s Vista East Medical Center. Using guest television appearances and the platforms of the written and video blog, Dr. J and Dr. I present a passionate and entertaining look into the worlds of medicine and travel.

Dr. J and Dr. I developed a passion for travel and an appreciation for the ability of travel to entertain, educate and possibly even to heal, after they participated on season 22 of CBS’ “The Amazing Race”. It was as contestants on The Amazing Race that the world was first introduced to the loveable, intelligent, if not slightly dysfunctional twin Doctors, as they raced unsuccessfully around the world in an attempt to win $1,000,000. Not long after completing The Amazing Race, Dr. J and Dr. I started a medical blog that they called appropriately enough “Twin Doctors TV”.
Twin Doctors TV features a combination of written and video blog content that covers contemporary topics in medicine; presenting these topics in a manner that is sometimes entertaining and always relatable.

Following the launch of Twin Doctors TV, Dr. J and Dr. I were featured as medical guest experts on CBS’ “The Doctors” television program. While on The Doctors, Dr. J and Dr. I were asked to discuss the unusual case of a Missouri women who delivered her twin babies 39 days apart.

In 2015, not long after their appearance on The Doctors, “The Twins” were featured in a new…