Under 30 & Overweight: YouTuber Loses The Weight For Good

Image: Jaz Jackson

 Even with hips, butt, and curves, to your doctor, you can still be considered overweight and at risk for disorders, diseases, and cancers. In Jaz Jackson’s case, her illness came in the form of depression. Diagnosed in 2012, this 29-year-old Chicago native decided in 2016 to take matters into her own hands and help fight the disorder.

Losing over 50 lbs. in just under a year, Jaz incorporated her doctor’s simple orders to journal, eat healthily, and exercise into her life. The results brought her natural mental health without the aid of prescribed drugs and a new mindset on life that came equipped with a new bangin’ body. Read her story:

BDO: When was that pinnacle turning point for you to decide to take your health serious?

JJ: In 2016, I’d reached the height of my depression. Having been diagnosed in 2012, I’d lived with the disease in silence for over 4 years. I started to notice that I couldn’t handle day to day tasks such as working or being active with my son. Additionally, my weight had skyrocketed to 190lbs. I knew it was because of my depression and using food as a coping mechanism. So, coming to terms with my current state made me want to make the change.

BDO: What were some of the first steps you took toward your new lifestyle?

JJ: My lifestyle change came about because I wanted to work on my mental health challenges. I was informed by my doctor that other ways outside of medication to combat the disease was