4 Fashion Habits That Are Bad For Your Health

peep toe high heelsAs fun and exciting fashion can be, there are many things that can be detrimental to our overall health that we may not realize. Here are a few of those things to remember.

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1.High Heels 

As sexy as those new Jimmy Choo stilettos make your legs look and compliment your look, you may be surprised how much damage they are doing to your body’s natural alignment. Constant walking on the balls of your feet causes your torso to tilt forward and the rest of your body to lean backwards. This creates an immense amount of stress on your spine. The compression on your spinal discs overtime can cause cramping of the toes, calves, and pain in your back and hips.

The Solution: Short heels are back in style! Instead of constantly wearing those 5 inch heels, try to opt for a shorter heel every few days, or even a cute wedge.

2.That BAG! 

Most of us have that fabulous HUGE bag we love to carry and FILL! And because we are creatures of habit, it is likely that you are carrying this statement piece on the same side of your body every time you wear it. This causes an uneven distribution of muscle imbalance,and alignment issues (i.e., one shoulder sitting lower/higher than the other).

The Solution: Instead of grabbing the biggest heaviest bag, next time try something a bit smaller. A cute clutch or wristlet can definitely add a special touch to your look.


3. Sucking It In 

I think we are all guilty of this, whether it’s to put on a sexy red skintight dress,  to fit in that new pair of skinny jeans, or even a girdle. As much as we love to do this, we are robbing ourselves of much-needed oxygen, which makes your metabolism slower. “Belly breathing” is the best type of breathing, as it allows your lungs to fill and contract properly. Sucking in your stomach all day may give you that sleek look you are trying to achieve, but it doesn’t allow your diaphragm to drop and give your lungs the ability to completely fill with air. This can cause tension in your neck and shoulders, give you anxiety, as well as a slew of other issues.

Solution: Instead of trying to hide your problem area all of the time, attempt to address it. Look into exercise and diets that can assist in the elimination of the excess in that particular area.


We live in that era where we feel like we can do it all even when we shouldn’t. Many of us are beginning to adopt the “you only live once” (YOLO) mentality. Not that there is anything wrong with being carefree, but sometimes this mentality can carry over into areas of life that it shouldn’t, such as impulsive shopping. Financial issues tend to remain at the height of what keeps people emotionally burdened with stress. Splurging on that designer bag that was way beyond your budget was probably a poor decision.

Solution: Next time you see that cute new trend that you can’t afford, try waiting for a sale, find a coupon or look out for it in a discount/outlet store.


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