Q&A: I’m 50 Suffering From UTIs – What Can I Do?

cranberry juiceQ: HELP! I’m 50 years old suffering from a urinary infection every few months. I drink water, cranberry juice and take cranberry pills. This really gets me down. What else can I do? Fed up with doctors. – Maria L.


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A: If you are experiencing these infections post-coital (after sex) you should empty your bladder after having sex. Spermicides sometimes can interfere with vaginal bacteria so refrain from using them during sex. If they are not associated with sex, then you should talk to a doctor about prescribing antibiotics at all times.


When you are experiencing more than three urinary tract infections a year, cranberry juice will not hurt but probably will not help your situation. Lastly, this should goes without saying, but make certain after you urinate you wipe from front to back to ensure that there is no bacteria transfer.


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