Virginity Testing: Invasion Of Privacy Or Protective Parenting?

Virginity — now that’s something we don’t often talk about. It is something that we, despite all of our cultural modernization, shroud with misconceptions and divided commentaries. And incredibly, many of us hold a deeply rooted and insatiable obsession over it.

Virginity is a hypocritical and strongly prejudiced taboo that we seem to place a paramount value upon, with no biological merit, especially amongst conservative and/or religious groups. Unsurprisingly, the stigma surrounding virginity is approached differently for men and women.

This, of course, ties into what is known as the sexual double standard. From time immemorial, men are rewarded and glorified for having sex — furthering this imagery of machismo and toxic chauvinism. While women are shamed for doing the same — we even go so far as to claim that it signifies the loss of purity and chastity.

To put it simply, virginity is actually a made-up patriarchal construct designed to control women, their sexuality, and their reproduction. In worse case scenarios, some girls and women are being degraded, and even murdered, over societal concepts and egotistical views surrounding virginity! This, without question, also leads to the deterioration of their