Vivian Green: “It Took Me 12 Years To Finally Do This”

Vivian Green

Vivian Green’s forthcoming album, VGVI, drops October 6, 2017.

When Vivian Green’s sultry vocals hit the scene in 2002, her debut single, “Emotional Roller Coaster,” became an instant classic. Since then, the Philly-born singer, songwriter, and actress has successfully rode the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. Her sixth studio album, VGVI (pronounced vee-gee-six), will be released on October 6. Beyond the music, one of her greatest roles for the last 12 years has been being a mother to her son, Jordan Green, who is special needs.

“My son was born with an unknown syndrome that affects his bones,” Green shares in a new PSA video for the #IamDifferentIamHuman campaign.

“He’s 12 years old now, which is amazing because they told me he would not live past a week. They also told me he wouldn’t be able to do all the things that he can do.”

Green’s organization “I am different, I am Human” brings awareness to the 57 million people in the U.S. who have a special need or disability.

In the video, Green shares that one of the things that has impacted her most as Jordan’s mother is the fact that he’s such a normal kid, despite the reactions that he receives from others in public.

“People look at me and they wonder why I’m different,” Jordan says in the PSA.

WATCH: Vivian Green in I Am Different, I Am Human PSA

Even in this day when people who have special needs or a disability make up nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population there is still stigma, pointing, staring and ridiculing when they go out into public, explains Green.