5 Ways To Make Your Morning Routine A Workout

woman smiling brushing teethHaving trouble finding time to fit a quick workout into your daily routine? Working out while you get ready in the morning may just be your solution! Well, this may not be a full-fledged alternative, but it certainly can fill in for the days that you just simply can’t do your normal workout. Here are five ways you can tap into your fitness while finishing your normal morning routine.

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1. In the shower

Stretching in the shower is great because the heat from the water already has your muscles relaxed. Use the wall for balance (we don’t want you slipping), and try stretching out those hamstrings and pecs.

2. While making breakfast

Tricep dips are a great kitchen workout. Use a bench or chair (depending on what’s available) and work out those arms. Do it while you are waiting on your toast to pop up or your oatmeal to cook!


3. While brushing your teeth

Calf raises are something you can do while doing just about anything. Why not try it out while you are brushing your teeth. Raise up onto your toes and then lower down slowly. Now this is multi-tasking at its finest. Working those legs and fighting cavities at the same time!

4. When doing your hair

Try squatting and holding it instead of sitting completely down. While you tie your hair up into that ‘do you will be working those buns!

5. As you’re walking out the door

Lunge your way out the door and to the car, and then when you get to work opt for the stairs instead of the elevator!


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