Play Like A Grown Up

women drinking tea

It’s not always the easiest thing to do when life becomes hectic from having to juggle several things at once, but adding a balance between work and leisure is a necessary part of remaining healthy by keeping stress levels low. Looking for a few simple ways to maintain an even flow? Check out these tips to spark a change.

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Give yourself permission to play.

It’s common to feel guilty about pulling away from work when there are so many deadlines on the table, but there can be no work without play in this world of balance, so you must give yourself permission to play. Manage your time wisely when scheduling time for leisure during the week. Examine your weekly schedule to determine what gaps in time are available for recreational activity.

Add games to your smart phone or tablet.

Engaging in a gaming activity is a classic way to take the mind off of a stressful situation and placing it into a moment of recreational competition.  There are several digital games for smart phones and tablets that are great for stimulating  the mind as well as incorporating play. Puzzle games such as Candy Crush are a great example of this. Place a time limit on how much time is spent playing these games to avoid the misuse of time. Remember, it’s all about balancing work and play.


Get ahead of your work.

If you can find time in your schedule to get ahead of your work, you will have more time for leisure and play without worrying about falling behind. If your boss has given you deadlines in advance, work on getting done with those projects at least two days prior to the due date. Proper time management is key in making this happen.

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