Ways To Relieve Common Hepatitis C Pains

African American Black woman older meditating breathing peacefulPatients battling with hepatitis C may be dealing with excruciating pains – ranging from dull aches, itching and sore joints to sharp abdominal pressure near the liver.

Though, these pains don’t necessarily indicate that the disease is worsening in the body, they can be quite uncomfortable.

Here are some ways to alleviate the pains you’re feeling related to hepatitis C:

Joint pain

Over-the-counter drug ibuprofen sometimes is enough to get rid of the pains you may feel in your joints. It’s a known joint relief, but can also be really hard on an already struggling liver. But other soothers include a long, hot bath to ease the stiffness in your joints or even a heating pad for nighttime pains. The heating pad can keep your joints loose, too.