Wearing the Wrong Shoes? The Impact Could Be Worse Than You Think

The sale is too tempting at times. How could you possibly find this shoe at this price, right now? The only thing is that it’s a tad too small or too large. You don’t mind sacrificing a bit of your comfort for this shoe because hey, you’re not going to wear them all the time.

Once you start to wear them you start to compensate and of course, your body adjusts. Next thing you know you’re in the podiatrist’s office saying, “My feet are killing me. Please save me.” Don’t take for granted the comfort and security of a good shoe. Your feet support the weight of your entire body, but so often we don’t treat our feet with enough self-care.

The wrong type of shoes can lead to a number of problems for not only your feet but your entire body.

Toe-Nail Loss or Bruising
Nails are one of those things you don’t miss until it’s gone. When you lose a toenail it’s the worst. Wearing too small or too big shoes can cause nail loss or blackening. The intense pressure put on your feet causes the nail to become banged up and irritated over time. The black appearance of the toe is unsightly to look at and painful.

This condition is often called “runner’s toe” or “jogger’s toe”. When buying shoes follow the old advice of leaving a thumb’s width between the tip of your longest toe to the front of the shoe. Always leave a little