Weedcation Anyone? –Mike Tyson Has Your Back

Image: Metro.com

No this is not a dream, or your mind playing tricks on you. Mike Tyson has entered California’s marijuana “Green Rush” and he plans on striking big. 40-acres to be exact. The former boxer along with some business partners broke ground at the top of 2018 to embark on what he envisions will be a “cannabis resort”.

A remote destination where growers can learn and cultivate, consumers can indulge and relax, the ‘Tyson Ranch’ will also be a place where researchers can experiment to advance studies on marijuana’s health benefits. It is the ultimate weedcation…

Located in California, City, just 110 miles north of Los Angeles, the parent company will operate the resort a few miles from an air force base. According to The Blast, “The company that operates the ranch, Tyson Holistic, is comprised mainly of veterans, and says taking care of men and women who have served in the armed forces is a top priority. The ranch is located near Edwards Air Force Base and aims at creating lots of jobs, as well as connect with and give back to the community.”

Not only will the resort grow high-grade cannabis, but Tyson Ranch will also feature an extraction facility, hydro-feed plant and