8 Popular Lies About Weight Loss

A woman choosing between chocolate cake and an appleWhy are there so many facts and misconceptions about food? Maybe because food is so very vital to our survival. Some make no sense. Others seem plausible. But what are the real facts…and fictions?

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1. Some foods are good for your health, and others are just plain bad.

Why It’s Fiction: According to most experts, there really is no such thing as a 100% good for you or bad for you food. If you’re healthy and active, your body can make use of a wide variety of nutrients, even refined sugar and saturated fat. The real issue? How much of a food you’re eating. Even if you eat too much of something very healthy, like fruit, it can create health and weight problems. If you eat in moderation, you’ll find a healthy balance of nutrition without sacrificing food enjoyment. Go ahead and eat a serving of chips – just not the whole bag.