9 Uncommon Ways To Orgasm

When it comes to orgasms (pun intended), the majority of sexually-active people know about a handful of types of climaxes: vaginal, clitoral and oral.  But you might not know about some of the more weird ways to climax.

Here’s the list:

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1. Exercise Orgasm: Performing a few core moves can lead to you rocking your socks at the gym…or on the go. With this, it has been reported that some men actually witness a stronger orgasm after engaging in sexual relations immediately after exercising.

2. Nipple play Orgasm: For a few women, all it takes is a little stimulation of the nipples to release oxytocin, the chemical responsible for the vaginal contractions of orgasm.

3. A-Spot Orgasm: This orgasm is achieved by stimulating 7-10 centimeters or 3 – 4 inches deep in the front wall of the vagina.