#WeSeeYou: Father and Daughter Duo Spread Love

2. Watch The Scalp: School-aged children are prone to getting a little bit of everything in their hair, and if yours also sweats in their scalp, you’ll need to shampoo more frequently. Scalps need to be able to breathe in order for hair growth to flourish, so keep that in mind. Also, be sure to not clog your child’s scalp with petroleum based oils and greases. While some use mineral oil-based products to protect their strands from mechanical damage, these products can sit on top of the scalp without providing any nourishing properties. Try applying castor oil to your little one’s scalp to nourish and promote growth.

3. Watch The Style: Don’t be afraid to try your hand at some new styles but beware of styles that pull at, expose, or could potentially damage you child’s scalp. Buns, braids, twists, cornrows done correctly could be great. If you aren’t as skilled as you’d like to be, or if your busy schedule makes it hard to recreate fresh styles, feel free to seek help from your local stylist or video tutorial. It doesn’t make you any less than a parent. It actually makes you awesome!


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