#WeSeeYou: Get Gorgeous With Jess


#WeSeeYou is BlackDoctor.org’s weekly feature where we highlight those stories and people who are doing something incredible in the area of health. This week, we honor JessFit!

Chances are, if you’ve seen weight loss before and after photos on social media, you’ve come across Jessica Alexandria Franklin, better known as “JessFit” or Gorgjess_20 on Instagram.

The beautiful 5-foot-4-inch fitness buff and trainer started on her weight loss journey at 262 pounds. Now she’s a whopping 190 pounds and counting!

But the more astonishing thing is that she’s done it without the use of any supplements, shakes, weight loss pills, etc. Just hard work!

On instagram, she writes:

“This is my progress in a little over a year. I’m not where I want to be but I’m far from where I came from! If I can do it without weight loss supplements, meal replacement shakes, and no surgeries so can you!! It’s far from easy, but it is possible! Whatever route you choose to reach your goal remember consistency is key and never give up!”

On her site, she gives you all the tools to succeed in distinct packages.  Such as a customized meal plan, a customized workout plan and even an 8 week program with both so you can start seeing results.

Also, on her youtube channel she features workouts that helped her tone, shape and lose weight.


Never one to let an opportunity to inspire those who follow her journey, Jess frequently drops inspirational messages on social media.

“Never forget how far you’ve come and if you haven’t made it there yet think about how far you can go! Never give up! I never though I’d be so close to my goal when I first started! I say all this to tell you don’t give up no matter how hard it is!”

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