What To Do When You Are Feeling A Burnout Coming?

Feeling a burnout coming on is normal. It is something that happens when you have an event, important test, important meeting, or have been going 100% for too long. Now if you are like me, I like to function high-level majority of the time. With that level of function, I have now been able to identify the signs of becoming burnt out and here are some of the tools I have used to stop it from coming.

1. Adequate Sleep.

The first step is to get an adequate amount of sleep. In a world that screams, “Team No Sleep” I cringe. Sleep is critical to the body and to allow you to function at a high level. Sleep plays a critical part in a healthy immune system, heart, health, and weight. There are multiple studies showing that with the adequate sleep it allows for better memory retention and for athletes a better performance.

2. Develop processes and procedures.

I work as an international marketing strategist for brands and businesses with AverageBlackGirl.com and a lot of times, the best way I help companies is by helping to develop processes and procedures.

By developing a process, you know how long it will take you to do a task and what the result will be when following the process. The best part