What Does Your Pee Color Really Mean?

At some point in your life you’ve heard, “Just pee in this little cup…” or some variation of this phrase and complied without question. Can the truth about your health really be revealed filling a cup up to that all-important line? Yes!

With just one sample, your doctor can check for high protein levels, an indication of inflamed kidneys and possibly multiple myeloma (a form of bone marrow cancer); sugar and keotone, signs of uncontrolled diabetes; and even red or white blood cells, which means there is blood in your urine and sign of a possible urinary tract infection or kidney disease.

Yellow is often the color associated with urine, but it isn’t the only shade. Certain medications and your diet can affect the color, but using the colors below will help you decode the message your body is trying to send and whether you need to seek a doctor’s care.

Transparent/No color

You are very well hydrated, maybe even TOO hydrated! There’s nothing wrong with being