Dr. Tweedy Is The Definition Of Determination

… I give All the Glory to GOD! I have overcome many unforeseen obstacles in life starting before my birth because my mother was pregnant with my when my father was killed in a car accident and the stress she endured challenged my existence.”

“I personally never met a doctor outside of my family physician until I started medical school and I am so grateful that God saw me through! I ask for your prayers as I continue to move forward in my career & establish my business as I look forward to continuing to give back and help inspire others for the rest of my days!”

(Photo Credit: instagram.com/drtweedy)

Dr. Tweety also has some sound advice for those also want to accomplish their dreams. “Take a Look at where you are right now then reflect back on all God has brought you through!! With that knowledge move confidently forward knowing that any & everything you go through is simply God preparing you for everything you asked for!! Will you be ready to catch it when He throws it?
Are you ready? Is your vision clear? Will you go through the jungle to have it All??”

Thank you, Dr. Tweedy, for being such an awesome inspiration to so many.  We look forward to seeing you reach even higher and greater!

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