Why Reaching An Orgasm Is Difficult For Women

unhappy couple in bed

The female orgasm is as elusive as the coveted Holy Grail. One starts off in sexual exploits with an optimistic mind and an eager heart to experience the ultimate ecstasy, but is later disappointed by an “anticlimactic” experience.  This makes a great number of women feel inadequate, as if her sexual equipment is broken, leading her down a path of exploration to seek and find the BIG O.  After trying many positions, reading self-help books and buying dozens of toys, some women remain unaware of exactly what an orgasm is and why it is so difficult to reach one.  So the question is, why is it so difficult for women to reach orgasm when men seem to be able to reach sexual bliss so easily?

The answer actually consists of a few parts:

1. Women need more than entry to orgasm.

Inserting part A into slot B is the typical sexual situation that the average couple believes will enable both partners to reach a climax, but in actuality women need more than vaginal penetration in order to reach an orgasm.  About 70% of women need clitoral stimulation along with penetrative sex in order to reach an orgasm.  The clitoris is made up of 8000 nerve endings making it the most sensitive body part on a woman, so it needs love and attention as does the rest of the body during sex!

During penetration, the clitoris is stimulated from the inside because of its legs that extend deep into the vagina, but for most women that internal stimulation isn’t enough.  DIRECT contact is where it’s at!  Sex positions that position the pelvises close together, oral sex during foreplay or using a clitoral vibrator during sex are great ways to ensure clitorial stimulation is achieved during intercourse.


2. Women’s sexual energy starts in the brain.

Sexual energy is a vital source of energy that gives life to every living being on the Earth.  When it comes to men and women, sexual energy originates in different parts of the body.  In men, sexual energy originates in the pelvis, which explains why men are ready for sex in 20 seconds as opposed to the 10 minutes it typically takes a woman’s body to be ready for intercourse.  Women’s sexual energy originates in the head, so in order for the genitals to be in a state of welcoming and wanting, the energy has to travel down the spine into the pelvis, and that is some distance to travel!

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This fact is one that many women are unaware of, and furthermore, many women have no idea how to move the energy from the brain into the pelvis.  Through meditation, concentrated breathing and focusing the mind on the pelvis, sexual energy can move from the brain into the genitals where it belongs during sex.  This technique has to be…