Why You Should Be Burning Fat in the Sand

Ever wonder why the beach babes of Baywatch ran across the sand to save lives in slow motion? It’s because it’s frickin’ hard, so those chopped-n-screwed scenes were actually accurate. Fitness enthusiasts often elect to take their workouts to the beachfront for the challenge of added resistance. This added resistance can help improve running speed and agility while providing a low impact workout surface.

The surrounding scenery isn’t too bad either.

Choosing to include sand as an element of your workout has added benefits. Compared to hard surfaces, sand is more pliable, which helps with shock absorption. It’s less impact and better for the joints, which is great for anyone dealing with injuries. When running, jumping, pushing or pulling, the sand adds resistance.

This means a greater challenge and an added caloric burn! By consistently working in the sand, you can build strength, coordination, and stability over time because it forces you to