Woman Tests Positive for HIV: “There Is Life after HIV, There Is Love”

(Photo credit: Twitter)

Ask any single–or any divorced woman for that matter–how hard dating is, and many will share just how difficult it is to find love. Now, what if you add that you are HIV-positive into that mix? Nearly impossible, right?

Well, Mandisa Dukasha was not only able to overcome her HIV-positive status and find love, but she’s also able to help others learn about and protect themselves from HIV.

Mandisa is a trained nurse and works in response to HIV to ensure quality control in health-care settings. She is living with HIV and encourages people to get tested for HIV. Her husband and two daughters are all HIV-negative. The picture with her family went viral in 2018 after being featured on the cover of the UNAIDS World AIDS Day report, Knowledge is power, as living proof that sustained HIV treatment can suppress a person’s viral load and prevent the transmission of HIV to a partner and children.