Xavier Perkins: Fit, Fine & 40+!

North Carolina based model and actor James Xavier Perkins, who goes by Xavier 40, is more than just an eye-catching model who made it on to our “Man Crush Monday” list. He’s also older than the 20-something’s or early 30-somethings we normally feature. Perkins is just barely over 40, but loving the life he’s able to live and it shows in his million-dollar smile.

Even though he may nice to look at, don’t pigeon-hole him into just being a model. He does so much more.

“Since I believe in multiple streams of income, I earn money several ways,” Perkins revealed to Essence.com. “I’ve mentioned day trading, modeling and acting. I also had my own real estate business which has kept me motivated to have multiple lines of income and to have investment diversification.”

If you remember, there was also another real-estate agent bae, Donnell Blaylock, who won over the ladies hearts with his looks as well. Real estate seems to be where it’s at, huh? Either way you look at, a man with a mission and business-minded is always a plus.

“Day trading has my hands busy throughout the day, but I enjoy the challenges it brings on a day to day basis,” says Perkins. “I also enjoy modeling and acting. I’m always open to meeting new people and networking.”

So what does he like to do for fun?

“I love living in the Queen City (as it is locally known),” says Perkins. “There is always something to do, like attending a Carolinas Panthers game or Charlotte Hornets game. Also, I enjoy hanging out downtown with the fellas.”

(photo credit: Instagram)

“In Charlotte, you are a short driving distance from the mountains and the beach where I always go swimming.”