more consistent with yoga and meditation, my health became balanced and my thoughts started to shift towards a more positive outlook on life. Now four years later of consistently doing yoga, I see all the ways how the practice helped me with my depression and anxiety.

So how does yoga help combat depression and anxiety? This mind-body exercise teaches practitioners to live in the present moment, rather than over-thinking about what happened yesterday or what you have to check off on tomorrow’s to-do list. Yoga forces us to turn our attention inward and control our breathing. Learning to breathe consciously creates calmness in the mind, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and can enhance one’s perception of life.

Below are some poses that can help with releasing stress that may be caused by depression and anxiety. It’s important to note, though, that it helps to be consistent with practicing yoga and breathing in order to help ease stress, develop a healthier mindset and create a sense of wholeness within.

Sukhasana – Easy Pose

This asana calms the brain and brings the focus back to your breath. You can