Easy Yoga Poses For Back Pain

The very thing that brings many people to yoga is sometimes also the same thing that keeps them away from yoga. Back pain. The thought of bending, twisting or even laying on a mat might be enough to make your back spasm if you suffer from back pain, but the good news is, if you can get over any temporary discomfort the long-term benefits of yoga on your back will be well worth it.

Findings from one study from the University of Washington showed that people who took yoga or stretching classes were twice as likely to reduce their back pain meds as people who managed symptoms on their own.

With the practice of yoga, you can lengthen your spine, and stretch and strengthen your back muscles, helping to bring your body into alignment. The following poses are easy enough for beginners and will put you on the path to healing.


 Child’s Pose

Stacy child's pose

Although child’s pose is sometimes used as a resting pose, it is actually an active stretch that helps to lengthen your back. This is a great stretch to do first thing in the morning, or at the end of a long day right before bed.

To Do: Begin on all fours in a table top position, your knees spread wide. Shift your hips down and back, sitting back on your heels. Stretch your arms straight in front of you.  Hold the position for 5 to 10 breaths, breathing deeply.