Your Summer Slim-Down Checklist

African American woman on the beach natural hairLooking for simple ways to slim down in time for the summer? This list is everything you need to tweak your diet and workout routine just enough to get noticeable results in a short amount of time before summer is here. You can build these into your normal routine to keep the healthier you going strong through summer and beyond.

1. Eat Real Food

Put down that packaged dinner, and back out of the drive thru. To see the numbers on the scale go down, you’ll have to pick up some whole foods. Eating real food helps you ditch the added sugars and ingredients that never fill you up and only make you crave more. Whole foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains are full of nutrients and filling fiber to keep your mind on something other than food.

2. Keep Sugar On the Low

Sugar is the #1 culprit to weight gain, and it is hiding inside of pretty much everything we consume. Pay close attention to food and drink labels for sugar content and try to keep your sugar intake to around 40 grams a day. If you’re a fan of juices and smoothies, drink them in moderation or use less sugary fruits, dark berries and avocados and load up on more veggies.

3. Nix the Alcohol

Depending on your social calendar, cutting back on alcohol can save you more than 1,000 calories a week (that’s about 2 margaritas)! But if skipping the bar is a challenge, there are healthier drinks out there as well. A simple tequila with club soda and a squeeze of lime is low in sugar and calories. Same goes for wine or sangria made with fresh fruit juice. When choosing drinks that won’t set you back, keep it simple and avoid the pre-mixed variety.