8 Questions That Prove You’re Doing Better Than You Think

165054853“Life’s a ____, and then you die.” Insert the expletive in the blank that many associate with the statement. We know life is hard. Raising a family is hard. Going after your dreams is hard. But you’re doing a great job at it!  Seriously!  You’re honestly doing much better than you think. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it. Just ask yourself these eight questions.

1. Are you reading this article?
If so, you have a valuable tool at your disposal. The power of the Internet is limitless. You can learn about anything you desire, connect with old friends, explore job opportunities, search for support communities, and network with people all around the world. Not to mention that your vision is in tact too.

2. Did you eat something today?
One out of eight people in the world are suffering from hunger, so be thankful that you’re not one of them.