10 Reasons Marriage & Long-Term Relationships Are Better For You

happy couple lying in bed
The topic of marriage can bring about a myriad of emotional responses. Depending on the person and their experience, marriage can feel like the plot of a romantic tear-jerking novel or a grand horror story. In light of Valentine’s Day, we’ll keep it sweet and focus on the benefits of marriage. Because, as it turns out, there are some amazing health benefits to the old ball and chain.
1. Companionship 
Simply put, companionship is the good feeling that comes from being with someone else. Knowing that someone is there for you and ready to support you can make life’s transitions smoother. Companionship is especially beneficial in terms of emotional health, as one study shows that married women and men are less likely to experience mental illness such as dementia and severe depression.
2. Stay healthy
According to the New York Times, contemporary studies show married couples are less likely to experience pneumonia, heart attacks, or be diagnosed with cancer. Married women and men are also five percent less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.
3. Sexual health
This may make some people laugh, considering the ongoing joke about the lack of sex in marriage. But, research shows that couples who maintain an active and healthy sex life tend to have better sleeping habits which can lead to a stronger immune system. Sex also burns calories, which can contribute to maintaining a healthy  BMI, or body mass index.
4. Financial health
For couples who choose to merge financially, marriage can mean huge savings. Sharing a mortgage can be far less expensive than renting two separate apartments. You can also save money by buying in bulk on pretty much everything from home items to cell phone plans and health insurance. There are also multiple tax breaks if you decide to file jointly. Keeping your financial health under control can prepare you for a smooth retirement.
5. Share parental responsibilities
Sharing parental responsibilities can lower stress for you, your spouse, and your children. Typically, two-parent households provide better supervision, support, and resources for the entire family.