100-lb Weight Loss The Old-Fashioned Way: “I Was Tired of Being Tired”

(Photo credit: @oliviaxopatrice & @slimthickfitness_ instagram)

Everybody talks about weight loss. We get numerous suggestions on who to feature for weight loss a week. Many of whom who had difficulty in losing weight in the past, but somehow made the transition to start shedding the weight. But one particular story we received made it impossible for us to ignore, Olivia Patrice.

Oliva has lost over 100 pounds with no pills, fancy diets, special shakes or training programs, or any formal training on losing weight. With just sheer determination, Patrice lost the weight and founded Slim Thick Fitness to help others with their weight loss.

According to her website, she started her weight loss with a lifestyle change that took over a year to complete.