100-lb Weight Loss The Old-Fashioned Way: “I Was Tired of Being Tired”

(Photo credit: @oliviaxopatrice & @slimthickfitness_ instagram)

Everybody talks about weight loss. We get numerous suggestions on who to feature for weight loss a week. Many of whom who had difficulty in losing weight in the past, but somehow made the transition to start shedding the weight. But one particular story we received made it impossible for us to ignore, Olivia Patrice.

Oliva has lost over 100 pounds with no pills, fancy diets, special shakes or training programs, or any formal training on losing weight. With just sheer determination, Patrice lost the weight and founded Slim Thick Fitness to help others with their weight loss.

According to her website, she started her weight loss with a lifestyle change that took over a year to complete.

“I think people confuse being “bigger” with not loving yourself, I’ve always loved myself. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself but wanting to change + improve at the same time,” Olivia says on her Instagram page.

“What led to my lifestyle change of was hitting a point where I was no longer feeling beautiful about myself no matter how happy I appeared to be to everyone day to day. Being tagged in a candid photo from a family event on Facebook, I couldn’t believe how I looked & it honestly made me really upset with myself. I told myself that day that I was tired of being tired & ready to change my lifestyle for the better.”

“I had a real moment with myself and was ready to change my ways & to love my body again. 16 months later, I’ve now lost a total of 105lbs! I feel so much, inside and out & can’t believe sometimes that I’ve lost almost half of my body weight.”

(Photo credit: @oliviaxopatrice & @slimthickfitness_ instagram)

Most people who lose 100 or more pounds usually have to struggle with some type of excess skin hanging around. But here’s how Olivia got around that:

“I incorporate weightlifting & strength training into my daily workouts. I do have minimal loose skin but mainly in my arms. But yeah incorporating weights & using resistance bands has helped me with tightening the skin. It also helps that I haven’t had children yet & I feel like that plays a big factor as well.”

When asked about how she can go from a large midsection to her current small waist, Olivia wastes no time in telling the truth.

“I get asked this question about everyday.. YOUR MIDSECTION WILL SHRINK WHEN YOU EAT RIGHT! I promise you. Can’t expect to have a snatched waist if you’re eating habits aren’t disciplined. Also, genetics! More than half my family have the pear-shaped body types, so I naturally carry more weight on my lower body. I’ve always had a ’10+ waist to hip ratio even at my heaviest. Yes, back/core exercises have helped me along the way but once I got serious about the foods I was putting into my body, I started to see the results I’ve been looking for. Consistency is key. Don’t let a bad day of eating turn into a week or more, tomorrow is a new day to get it right. So yeah, the secret is eating clean. If you want the body bad enough, you’ll work for it. It’s worth it!”

(Photo credit: @oliviaxopatrice & @slimthickfitness_ instagram)

“You cannot ‘spot train’ & pick what part of the body you only want to lose, if that was the case we would all be at our ideal goal already. However you can choose to eat healthier foods & get active as much as possible! The thing with weight loss is that it’s all up to you. You have a choice everyday, whether or not to live a healthier lifestyle. If losing weight is something you want to do, go for it. If getting healthy is important to you, then make those changes to be where you want to be. I will forever be my own worst critic but I’ve learned so much about myself mentally, physically & spiritually on this weight loss journey. Mentally: I’ve learned to become bigger than my excuses & push myself because I’m capable of so much. Physically: I’ve learned to accept my flaws + to love myself unconditionally in a society that constantly judges you & tells you what beautiful is. Spiritually: I’ve learned to just live my life in positivity & to not conform to the pattern of this world. God gave us one body & we should do our best to take care of it.”