3 Reasons To Call 911 Vs. Taking Yourself To The ER

African American woman emergency ambulance 911If you have a life-threatening emergency medical condition or traumatic injury, you should call 911.  However, sometimes people are nervous about calling 911 and try to get themselves to the emergency room via car. This can be very dangerous.

Here are 3 reasons you should call 911 for an ambulance, rather than transport yourself to the emergency room.

1. Severe Medical Conditions and Trauma

Some of the top reasons you should call 911 include if you are having difficulty breathing, chest pain, signs of a stroke, seizure, think you are in labor, having bleeding that cannot be controlled by holding pressure, have been involved in a serious car accident or serious trauma. If your condition is serious it may worsen on your way to the emergency room, so it may be dangerous to be transported by a private vehicle versus an ambulance.

2. Medicine and Equipment on Ambulances

First responders, like paramedics, have medicine and equipment on their trucks that can help stabilize your emergent condition. Ambulances carry oxygen and have tools for intubation; they can do EKGs which can detect a heart attack; they have medication to help your blood pressure, breathing, pain; and they also have tourniquets and other equipment that can help control bleeding. They also can get you to the emergency room safer and faster than you can yourself.