5 Reasons To Incorporate Ginger & Turmeric Into Your Diet

Image: The Whole Journey

The benefits of turmeric and ginger are endless… and for us melanin beauties, it has benefits way beyond than what we can just see. Ginger and turmeric play major parts in (1) eliminating inflammation, (2) increasing cognition, (3) preventing cancer, (4) strengthening the immune system and (5) easing gastrointestinal distress which leads to (6) healthy weight loss. Think that’s good enough? There’s more… It also aids in (7) protecting the heart, (8) regulates diabetes, (9) soothes pain, (10) counters depression and (11) improves skin quality.

Whew! That’s 11 reasons, not just five, of why you should start taking it every day.

Think you don’t need it? Think again. Check out how I incorporate these raw gems into my daily diet:

1. Seasoning

This may be the easiest option when it comes to getting the nutritional benefits of ginger and turmeric. Both in powder form pair well with savory and sweet dishes. Ginger is great with garlic so veggies like broccoli, green beans and spinach make for a great combination with the two.

However, my favorite thing to eat is sweet potatoes. They have a duality that other vegetables simply can’t compare to. When I want something savory, I chop it up into fries, sprinkle my turmeric powder, garlic, paprika, cayenne pepper and sea salt over them. Then I drizzle olive oil and honey over them to make it crisp and sweet. Try it and you’ll be making a batch every day!

2. Infused Water

When I want to