Atlanta Man Creates Portable Handwashing Stations for Homeless to Fight Coronavirus

(Photo credit: @imterencelester twitter)

Handwashing has become the central theme in the fight against the global COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis. The Center for Disease Control has advised everyone to wash their hands thoroughly and make limited contact with others—specifically those that have become infected—to quell the outbreak and flatten the curve, a term for decreasing the number of new cases over a longer period.

Now, that seems easy enough, right? Most of us have access to running water and soap, but what about the homeless? In all this crisis, very few are talking about the homeless and the role they may play in helping to stop or fuel this pandemic.

That’s where one Atlanta man, Terence Lester, has decided to step in. He has created a way to build mobile hand-washing stations to help the homeless stop the spread of the disease.