Boxers Or Briefs: What Men Need To Know About Buying (And Wearing) Underwear

African American man getting out of bed

Most of the advice we hear on underwear and genital cleansing is geared towards women. But, where’s the concern for men? Is the penis a free zone when it comes to fragrances, materials and soaps? Not so much. In fact, there are quite a few things to consider before purchasing your next pair of underwear.

Question #1: Does it Fit?

There’s no need to walk around adjusting your man parts in 2016. Every guy thinks his adjustment is discrete. But, randomly squatting as if you’re trying to fit into a tight pair of jeans or shaking a leg to adjust the nest, isn’t as subtle as you think it is. No one should have to walk around in discomfort and adjusting themselves, or subjecting others to witness it. It just isn’t comfortable, for anybody.