‘The Flash’ Actress Candice Patton Talks Staying Grounded While Moving At The Speed Of Light

candace patton

Texas born actress Candice Patton is really starting to make a name for herself in Hollywood being on “The Game,” “CSI: Miami,” “The Bold & The Beautiful” and now the CW’s hit TV series “The Flash.” In our one-on-one interview, the beautiful actress shares how she stays healthy with a career that’s moving at the speed of light.

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On Discovering Acting

“I was a cheerleader and loved cheerleading, but had an injury that literally put me on the sidelines. Yet, when I was young, I would watch “I Love Lucy” every night. I fell in love with Lucille Ball and I knew I wanted to do whatever it was she was doing. So I started doing plays in school and never really stopped. I moved to LA after school and I worked steadily, but it took years before I booked “The Flash”.

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“People who have success stories that came overnight are great. But it didn’t come over night for me. Auditioning and pursuing your dreams can be hard on you mentally. Having a family and circle of friends that were there for me was and is important. Family back home is key. Having people in your life helps in this business.”

On Staying Healthy

“I force myself to make time. I love my job, but being on set all day sometimes gets tiring, but either working out before or after or even during break. I also try to eat healthy, like substitute kale chips for potato chips and try to stay away from fatty foods.”